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"I just see legitness in it. I've seen sites that are using it to get submissions, that I've seen in other places, so that gives it legitimacy. The feedback I got also sounded legit and like it was from real people, I got both positive and negative criticism, here's one of the positives I got: "Very laid back breathy easy listening. A good song to lay back and listen. Nice arrangement. Good job". - Twitter: @jemilito13

"The site offers artists a nice way to interact with reviewers and through a bit of trial and error artists can find tastemakers who share similar musical tastes with them and receive helpful and constructive criticism. One tastemaker described my song 'Cranium' as; "An off the beaten path noise pastiche with an abrasive tapestry of distortion swallowing echo-chambered vocals". - Twitter: @cleavervalley

"Share To Pros, similar to Submit Hub is a great site and tool that I've used personally to help get my music heard by the right ears. Share To Pros is a submission based platform that brings Artists, Labels, Curators, Djs, YouTubers, Bloggers, Influencers and more together for everyones end benefit. (Read More) - Twitter: @realmoagy

"Very nice thought-provoking song. You were right we need more people banning together because that is truly how it is suppose to be. I have shared the information here: Share PRO has afforded me the opportunity to get my song in front people in the music industry that wouldn't have connected with, so Share PRO is been very rewarding thus far." - Rico Dawson Twitter: @Rico5012

"I am so glad I listened to Melissa Cooper and joined Share PRO because on my first day of using the service I got some wonderful responses from tastemakers like Stephanie Franklin, EEZY SLEEZ ART and Music Minds. They all liked Where Does All The Plastic Go?, my song about plastic pollution, and wrote very positive review comments saying why."- Steve Andrewsx twitter: @bardofely (Read More)

"I submitted "Friend Zone" to be reviewed by @revolttv using Share Pro & they gave me feedback the next morning. "This is a bop, it has that trap & b vibe. Has radio appeal," Revolt TV said. I was so excited to have heard feedback from them as soon as I did, but I believe everything happens for a reason. I'm blessed to have been able to take the opportunity & be heard by Revolt TV, the music cable network from Sean Combs @Diddy..." - Diary Twitter: @thajuicegoddess (Read More)

"I use Share PRO to get feedback from music experts about my songs. Listen to their opinions, whether good or not so good. I think music is a matter of taste and individual. So don't give up ." - Eternal 2 B. ( Twitter: @HAuerbeck )

"I would like to shout-out Allure Media Entertainment Group for giving my song a good view and I would like to thank Melissa Cooper who introduced me to Share PRO thank you very much Melissa and I want everyone to know that I appreciate every view I get no matter who you are." - @Kaos1873 from Twitter

"In the age we are in were music is received in a fast pace, it's likely not many take in the lyrics unless there true fans and that's what I feel this site, can provide, an opportunity to gain a core following and organic fans that will stick with you, it's great having the opportunity as up and coming artists to receive feedback on your music from likes of those in the industry, allowing the privilege of knowing wether your credible or need to work on your craft a little bit more, nevertheless it's a great opportunity and worth knowing to give an up coming artist perspective." - B_bwoy7 Twitter: @cyrusofficial1

"Sharepro has a sleek user interface easy to use and helps connect me with people who appreciate music and all the bells and whistles that go into making music I feel grateful for the service sharepro provides me and countless other artists who would love their creations, pieces, songs, and voices heard! Hear me now!" -Spice Tradr. Twitter: @spice_tradr

"The site has opened up a lot of doors for me and has allowed me to hear from professionals on where I am as an artist. The feedback I received has helped me improve in a lot of areas of my music and what I will release in the future! The site is truly amazing and recommend any and every artist doing music, use this site to take your music career to the next level!" - Deuce Fuego Twitter: @DeuceFuego

"It's a very fascinating and wonderful experience for me to be a part of your new site and I warmly appreciate your thoughts." -Rajib Mitra Twitter: @RajibMi01657752

"I think the site is dope, it gives artists to get real time views. I think it's crucial to get feedback & to stay consistent with keep your music fresh and the site helps you do that." - Bra Bra Twitter: @brabra1_

"Its a very supportive platform. I love it. Keep up d good work." - Ayodee Magikal Twitter: @ayodee_simon

"LHMPR RADIO ONLINE SAID: Loved the lyrics, the accent, the instrumentals so in short I loved SKILLAH so I will share it on my Music Blog and with my Podcast Listeners." The site is great and allows you access to a vast number of opportunities. I highly recommend." - Twitter @mystiQ_

"I think the site is awesome... it is nice to get feedback on your work from people who are actually in the business (albeit an expensive way to get feedback). I like that some of the pros did share my song so for me that in itself was worth the expense. I think the feedback both good and bad were fair and I appreciated both types."- Twitter @CRZHZY_BADSEED

"I enjoyed getting real feedback from real people in the music world. This is a good tool for anyone who would like some exposure, and it's affordable. Why are those songs so short? Let the people enjoy your voice!" - Twitter @chloster47

"I have already received some encouraging reviews thanks to Share Pro. My goal in making music with my acoustic piano is to be able to better express emotions to reach people's hearts, the source of the authentic intelligence of Humanity. Mine is a journey in search of people who will help me in this even managing to get some desired musical contract. With a fair cost, we artists are allowed to reach professionals in the music industry. So thanks to all the staff and collaborators of Share Pro." - Ivano Bersini

"It's a good idea to get em underground artists heard which is super important cos we make music to be heard by the people not for ourselves, lemme send you the feedback I received." - Twitter @SixtySevenSA

"It's really great, it helps create an easier way for upcoming artiste to get in touch with people in he music industry and get some advice on their music." - Twitter @matrix_neo11

"The site is quite good, although it is a little bit complicate to find the genre I work, and I missed more variety of instrumental supervisors, but I suppose it works so. Thank you very much." - Twitter @PazDCMusic

"I think the site is very well managed and user friendly. I think it could be very useful to up and coming musical artists in terms of getting feedback and constructive criticism on their music and in general is great for outreach. I got one feedback from a company that gave a great review. They told me that my song was unlike any other and sounded spooky which was the intention of the song so I am pleased with that." - Nathan Ehlers

"I think the sites awesome and I wish I would've known about it way sooner! It's such a helpful way for people to get their music out to everyone and get quality feedback on their songs and projects. I believe every artist should take the time to explore the site." - Twitter @AK_BeThe_Name

"A really great and useful site for your music releases. Unlike many other music release sites, you have a wide of options for you to choose from, including promotion, reviews, radio plays and streaming. Plus they are all available at a good price." - Twitter @perfecttrevor